white shirt

Tips to Make White Shirt Look Awesome

A humble white shirt is an ultimate classic to-go clothing piece for any season or occasion. Having been around for quite some time now, it is a versatile component in every man’s wardrobe and, safe to say, will never go out of style. If you are a man with a white shirt in your wardrobe, you are already half way to nailing this effortless all season style.

Here are some ways to make your white shirt look awesome.

  • The classic look

Keep things simple and easy by teaming a white shirt with black suit trousers and black or grey tie. This will give a formal look without having to wear a full suit. If you are looking for more a smart casual look, you can roll up the sleeves and take off the tie. Knowing how to wear a white shirt is something every man should know. Keeping it simple and wearing minimal accessories is the thing to go. For example, accessorise your shirt with cuff links, making it look ideal for both the summer and winter months.

  • The casual look

For a smart casual look, all you need is a pair of quality denim. Team your white button down shirt with brown leather belt and sneakers. Roll up your sleeves and add a pair of aviator sunglasses and a brown bag will complete the look. If you are looking for a more exciting look that women would swoon over, you can add a black leather jacket.

  • The smart summer look

When a casual white shirt with denim may not make the cut and black tie attire with a white dress shirt are a little too much. Mix up your white shirt with smart trousers and your smart summer look is ready. For a bold statement, choose patterned grey trousers and pair it up with white trainers to complete the look.

These are some tricks to make your white shirt look amazing.